Tuesday, March 19, 2013

REVIEW: You Got Me by Mercy Amare

Roxy is broken
Aiden wants to fix her

No matter how hard Roxy tries to overcome her past, she can't. She writes on her arms to escape the pain, but nothing can soothe the ache that she feels.

Aiden didn't go to college to meet girls, he came to play football. Too bad that it is impossible for him to stay away from Roxy.

After meeting on the roof, they instantly feel connected, but neither of them are ready for love.

You Got Me is a story about new beginnings, and finding love when you least expect it.

**This book is recommended for mature readers due to language and sexual content**

Every once in a while you come across a book that you haven't heard tons about and you fall in love with it. You love the characters. You love the storyline. You love everything about it. You realize that there is something special about this book and you want to know why you haven't heard more about it! This book is one of those books!

I absolutely adored this book! It is definitely a secret that needs to be let out!

I instantly fell in love with Roxy. She has got a lot going on with her, but you know that underneath her tough girl persona, she is absolutely broken. I wanted to reach in there and clock her upside her head a few times so she would see just how much Aiden adored her. I LOVED her parents and her therapist. They guided her in the right direction and then let her walk on her own. They were there to catch her if she fell, but they didn't hover.

And Aiden. What an amazing guy. Seriously, he was amazing. He lived his life for his family and you could feel the bond with them. He was the college boy that so many girls dreamed of - smart, athletic, beautiful, and devoted. He wasn't looking for a girl, but couldn't resist what was placed in front of him. He loves fiercely and is incredibly loyal. It is impossible not to absolutely adore this guy! 

Mercy Amare is like a little hidden treasure! She wrote a fabulous story and is even more fabulous to interact with! If you haven't checked out this book, do it RIGHT NOW! 

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