Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Worth the Fight by L.D. Davis

Luke Kessler loved Emmy.
She broke his heart.
Then she revealed a life altering secret that brought them back together.
Time and forgiveness heal old wounds and love flourishes. Luke and Emmy find themselves reaching for a happily ever after together. When their pasts begin to push into their present and hurtful mistakes are made, the couple struggle with each other and their past demons. How much is too much? Will the couple be able to fight their way to a happily ever after? Are their lives together worth the fight?

(I highly recommend reading Accidentally on Purpose before reading this review)
Worth the Fight is the third book in the Accidentally on Purpose series.  I really love that each of the three main characters, Emmy, Kyle and Luke got to tell their own story.  Accidently on Purpose was one of my top reads for 2013.  It was sexy and angsty, I can't resist a good love triangle!  Emmy told us her story of loving two completely different men for different reasons. We saw the shit hit the fan and watched the downward spiral into her darkest place.  When I finished that book I didn't know which man had my loyalty.  I read book 2 which was Kyle's story and decided he wasn't for me.  Which brings us here, to Luke's side of the story. 
 Wow!  I have a new book boyfriend.  Luke is gorgeous, cocky and as all the women say has a freakishly sized "you know what".   Since I already knew how the story would go, I was worried that it would be boring or drawn out.  But it totally wasn't.  I loved seeing things his way and his language and sarcasm.  I loved learning certain things that went down that Emmy didn't know about.  Luke is a proud and passionate man.  He loves with such an intensity, it draws me in!  The whole begining of the book made me sad.  I hated seeing Emmy that way, so withdrawn and holding herself back.  The way that Luke referred to her as "Lucas' mom" broke my heart.  It was really telling how distant she was, but for good reason.  Luke made no attempts to hide his digust for her. It was a long time before any of the healing began. 
Once we got to the part of their story where they fell in love again, I was so happy.  This was the best part of the book for me.  The small things he did for her like getting her back to work, cracking jokes at home, trying to see her smile were so sweet.  He really wanted the old Emmy back, especially for Lucas' sake.  Their insatiable need for one another is hot!  Luke has the perfect mix of domination and tenderness with her. 
Their road was not easy, which we already knew, but it was hard going through it again from Luke's perspective.  The times that she saw Kyle made me ill.  I didn't have that same effect when I read those scenes in Worthy of Redemption.
I loved all the secondary stories and characters as well, Iris, Vivian and Claire all made the story that much more interesting.  You will just have to read it to find out.  I highly recommend if you are a fan of Emmy and Luke.  It's such a different twist to what you've read previously with them with a great ending!
"We fought for each other and our lives together.  We are worth the fight."
xo, D
Look for Worth the Fight by LD Davis on December 16th!

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