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Review and Giveaway: Sex. Love. Repeat. by Alessandra Torre

I love two men. I screw two men. I am in a relationship with them both, and they are both aware there is another. That is all they need to know, that is all I let them know. They don’t need to know a name; they don’t need to know anything, but that they are not alone in my heart.

They have accepted the situation. Stewart, because his life is too busy for the sort of obligations that are required in a relationship. Paul, because he loves me too much to tell me no. And because my sexual appetite is such that one man has trouble keeping up.

So we exist, two parallel relationships, each running their own course, with no need for intersection or conflict. It works for us, for them, and for me. I don’t expect it to be a long-term situation. I know there is an expiration date on the easy perfection of our lives.

I should have paid more attention, should have looked around and noticed the woman who watched it all. She sat in the background and waited, tried to figure me out. Saw my two relationships, the love between us, and the moment that it all fell apart.

She hates me.
I don’t even know she exists.
She loves them. I love them.
And they love me.
EVERYTHING else hangs in the balance.

Do you know that one friend that you can always count on?  That when you see them you are sure to have a fabulous time?  You don't have to worry about what mood they'll be in?  Well that friend is the same as Alessandra Torre's books.  Each time she has a new one out, I'm salivating and itching to get my hands on it!  If you love hot and sexy, gritty and honest, and a story that you haven't heard one of her books now!  So, let me get to Sex. Love. Repeat.  In my opinion this is the most mainstream of Alessandra's books so far.  It's erotic and sexy as hell, but mostly a love story.  A slightly fucked up one and very unconventional, but I think most romance lovers would connect to it.  Madison is in love with two men.  She has two seperate relationships.

"I get that you don't understand.  That you wonder how someone could possibly be aroused, turned on by the thought of something so forbidden.  But often, it is the forbidden that is the hottest, and the depraved that is the most arousing."

This story is set in Southern California and there is a lot of surfing in it.  I loved the surfing lingo at the start of each chapter.  I loved envisioning the sun, the ocean and the sand.  For me it was a fourth main character in this book.  I think those scenes really let Madison relax and not worry about the situation she put herself in, she was carefree and in love.

"I don't want her to choose me because she can't have him. I want her to choose me because I am who she wants. That's what's important, her happiness."

The writing style of Sex. Love. Repeat. suits me perfectly.  I love jumping around from POV's and time periods.  It keeps you engaged and not bored at all.  Another plus is that there is a twist revealed just when you didn't expect it and you don't have to wait until the very end either.  That to me is amazing that the author is not afraid to put it out there.  She does and it forces you to take sides, make snap judgements and think ahead.

 Family is the secondary story line here. I loved how people came together and didn't harbour old resentment.  They needed to move on and did so.  Dana is a strong and amazing character.  I'd love to see more about her one day. 

Once again, you cannot go wrong with this book.  I'm sure you haven't read anything like it before.  You will love the writing, the language and the sex! 

xo, D
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