Friday, December 6, 2013

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: Rage by Michelle Pace & Tammy Coons

Phillip Kersey finds himself and his hotheaded girlfriend, Stephanie, at a crossroads. He's the singer of the chart-topping rock band, Fury, and they're forever in the studio laying down tracks for their third album.

Steph's photography career has exploded. She's always on location and out of his grasp. Tired of Skype dates and stolen weekends, Phillip makes plans to whisk her off to Ireland so he can pop the question.

When Steph returns to the U.K. for the birth of their friends' baby, Phillip finally gets his chance. He's down on one knee when tragedy strikes. Aching hearts cause tempers to flair chaotically out of control. Phillip feels pushed aside and vanishes. Assumptions and accusations follow, and the public fallout between them becomes the stuff of legend.

When fate brings both Fury and Stephanie to a remote Brazilian paradise, the former lovers have no choice but to face each other head on. Will their wildfire chemistry burn down the wall between them, or will the tumultuous pair simply go up in flames?

WOW! I knew I’d enjoy this one because of how much I loved Fury. Their style of writing is very captivating and keeps attention quite well!

I loved both Stephanie and Phillip in Fury and loved them even more in Rage! With such strong personalities, you either love these characters or hate them right away. Neither one of them is willing to compromise and I really enjoyed that. It was refreshing to read about strong characters.

I found through the entire story, I was wanting more, more, more. Stephanie remains true to herself throughout it all. Her temper flares, her emotions really come out, and she is truly someone who I’d consider passionate. The same can be said about Phillip. I loved the way he interacted with Steph and softened when it came to her.

Another aspect of this story that I really enjoyed is that we get to see the others and what they are up to. The story is not exclusive to Steph & Phillip, despite them being the main focus.

I can’t wait to see what these fabulous ladies have up their sleeve next!

About the Author

About Michelle: Michelle Pace is a registered nurse who resides in Texas with her husband, Les. She is the mother of two lovely daughters, Holly and Bridgette, and one uber-charismatic son, Kai. A former singer and actress, Michelle has always enjoyed entertaining people and is excited to continue to do so as a writer.

About Tammy: Tammy Coons lives in Illinois with her husband Casey and three children Skyler, Sawyer and Savana. Writing has always been a passion for Tammy and she hopes to be able to continue on for as long as her brain and fingers will allow.


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