Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre


"Brad De Luca is incorrigible. The premier divorce attorney in town, he is a forty-year old walking hunk of sex, bedding half the town, including his own clients. Brad is used to getting whatever, and whomever, he wants, and when the newest intern arrives - Julia Campbell, a pre-law student fresh off a failed engagement - he embraces the challenge. Only, happy in her new independence, the last thing Julia wants, or needs, is an older man who could destroy her job prospects, and possibly her innocence.

Julia is confident in her sexuality, and her effect on men. But she is far out of her league. Before she knows it, Brad is stretching her boundaries and opening up a forbidden world of sensual and sexual exploration."

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes, including a MFM ménage.


Blindfolded Innocence is the amazing,  Alessandra Torre's first book.  For some strange reason, I've never gotten to this one. (and no it had nothing to do with the scandalous first cover, LMAO, you know what I'm talking we are on cover #3)  Dumb, I know.  It was fantastic as expected.  With the sequel coming out in a few short days, I thought it would be great to give you a rundown of book 1 and highly recommend that you get started on it so that you are ready for the release of Masked Innocence!
Blindfolded Innocence is a story about Julia, a 21 year old college student interning at a huge law firm.  Julia has hopes of becoming a fabulous attorney herself one day, so this internship is crucial in her networking and creating a good foundation.  Julia is a self proclaimed good girl, sometimes over analytical (good quality for a lawyer) and stubborn BUT sarcastic as hell and sharp!  She has beliefs on many issues, one being sex, that she's not willing to bend on.  She has to be in love, in a relationship and committed for it to happen.  She loves teasing men and leaving them begging for more!  Its the control she craves.
Julia is working for the firm and not even there for a hot second and people start warning her about one of the partners, womanizer, Brad De Luca.  What does she care, he's old, she won't fall prey to his charms.  It would be against everything she stands for.  Or will she?
"But this man was built like a god, with the disposition of Satan."
The long build up here did it for me.  I love sexual tension in a book *almost* more than the act itself!  Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but it does it for me.  They have a few chance encounters and they both keep wanting more.  Brad whisks Julia away on a trip that is beyond hot.  Chapter after chapter of teasing, begging and screaming orgasms (maybe a little f/f action!  wink, wink)!  I loved their trip and was proud of Julia for standing her ground once they got home.  She did not want to jeopardize her future or more importantly be another notch on this dude's bed post.
Well, things change and HOLY HELL was it hot!  I'll let you read to find out all the sweaty, yummy details yourself.  But Brad DeLuca is sexy and unexpected.  As usual Alessandra's books have twists, are original and have the most amazing sex scenes anywhere! The supporting characters are hilarious and honest, you will love them.  I can't wait to dive into Masked Innocence.  I will have a full blog tour, review and author interview for that book coming up next week. 
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