Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: When Love Calls by Anja Pruitt

Somewhere between Josh and Mike I lost my panties. I didn’t plan it but shit happens and this time it happened to me. Together they are the perfect mix of sweet and savory and equally delicious. How’s a girl supposed to choose between what teases her pallet and what tugs at her heart?


This story was different for me. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but there was something different about it from what I normally read. There was a love triangle, but only to a degree. It was much more about Erin finding herself. And her bucket list. And some bucket list it was! There were so many hilarious moments as Erin checked off items of her list and interacted with her friends! There were also many moments that really made me think and consider what I want from my own life.

When the story ended, I was left wanting more. I feel as if I need some definitive answers about where Erin’s life ended up and how things have worked out, so I’m hopeful that there will be more about Meredith, Mike and Josh.


About the Author

Anja Pruitt—singer, songwriter, thespian and part-time stand-up comedian decided to try her hand at writing! Yep, I’ve put down the mike and picked up a pen (well, actually a laptop but pen sounds so much better)! I am overjoyed to share my first novel with all of you. Writing it has been the most freeing, scary and brave thing I’ve ever done.  Thanks for the support!

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