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Running On Empty Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Welcome to this stop on the Running On Empty Blog Tour! We are sooooo excited to have Alex and Blake here with us today! I'll just dive right in!

Welcome Alex & Blake :)

Blake. We'll start with you!

So. When did you realize that you weren't going to be able to walk away from Alex? 

Pretty much the day we were born.  I mean, I know I left after high school…but there wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t thinking about her.  So, even though I wasn’t physically present, I never really left her.  Then, when I came back and she had that very mature moment in the bar, (Blake looks over at Alex.  She rolls her eyes and he chuckles under his breath) I thought at that point the Alex I knew was gone.  So, it was then that I made the decision to leave Waco, Alex, and my feelings for her behind…there was nothing for me to hang on to anymore.  But, when she came over the next morning, I caught a brief glimpse of my Alex, and vowed at that moment to stay here until I found her.  (Alex – “I never knew that.”  She reaches over and grabs Blake’s hand)

What were you thinking when Alex found out what had actually brought you back to town? Did you imagine that strong of a reaction?

I learned very early in life to never underestimate Alex’s reactions to anything. But, I knew if she found out she’d be pissed.  So, I kept putting off telling her because every day I spent with her, I could feel her opening up to me.  I know now it was not the best decision to keep it from her, but hey…it all worked out eventually.  And I got an awesome t-shirt out of it.

How about when she showed up on your door step? How about that speech & shirt?

Honestly, I was done.  I never in a million years expected to see her again.  The woman is probably the most stubborn creature on this earth, and saying I’m sorry…well, let’s just say that’s the first time and most likely the last time I’ll ever hear it.  (Alex rolls her eyes and sighs. Blake keeps looking forward but smiles.) And the shirt…it wasn’t really the shirt that got to me.  It was the vulnerability she showed in making it.  That was the Alex I had been looking for, and once I found her, I wasn’t letting her go. (Alex – “How do you do that?  You make me so mad and then just make my heart melt.  It’s really annoying.”  Blake grins at her and shakes his head. “Honey, your compliments are so sweet.”)

How long did it take you to move back to town?

Not too long.  A couple of weekend trips.  Taking all three girls on the road…well, let’s just say it definitely sped up the moving process.  Definitely.

Now that we've  put Blake in the hot seat for a few minutes, it's time for Alex's turn!

When did you realize that you couldn't let Blake leave your life again?

Looking back, I know I was pushing him away.  Just the thought of losing anyone that I loved was too much.  I felt like I was in the middle of a massive game of tug-a-war with my emotions.  One second I would want to let him in, let him be in my life, and the next I was doing something to push him away because I was scared.  But I knew the minute I pushed him too far, I made the biggest mistake of my life.  So, after he left I knew I had to do something to get him back.  I had to take a leap of faith and just put myself out there…and like Blake said…it all worked out.  And he did get an awesome t-shirt. 

How are you adjusting to "needing" help?

(Alex laughs and Blake looks at me and shakes his head.) I’m getting better.  I think.  Blake? (Blake – “Ummm, no she’s not.  At all.”  Alex looks at him and shrugs her shoulders.)  “I guess I still need a little work in that department.

Are the girls loving having Blake around? 

Absolutely.  Blake and the girls bonded immediately.  They adore him and I know he feels the same about each one of them.  We still do Sunday Breakfast Dates and chocolate chip pancakes.  Every Sunday.  It’s something we all look forward to.  It’s a tradition that I think we will have for the rest of our lives. 

Now... these are for both of you...

Did Blake move in with you & the girls?

Alex – No, Blake got a place of his own when he moved back.  I didn’t think it would be appropriate for him to move in.  I have to set an example for my girls, and the last thing I want to deal with down the road is any of the girls coming to me and asking to move in with a guy and telling me it’s okay to do so because I did it.  No, thank you. 

How is Blake adjusting to going from the single life to family life?

Alex – He really jumped right into the role. From the moment he met the girls, I think he had already adjusted.  Blake?

Blake – Yeah.  I love the girls as if they are my own.  I’m happier now being a family man than I ever was being single.  All of these girls are my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I love it and I love them. (Alex smiles and sighs “I love this man.”  Blake looks at her. “Now, that’s a compliment.”)

Will there be wedding bells soon?

Alex – Plans are in the making.  The girls are beyond excited. And so is Harlow…of course.  A little too excited.  Like offering her opinion about everything excited.

 How about some Blake & Alex babies?

(Blake laughs out loud.)
Alex – Ummmm, no. We’re not planning for any right now. 

Blake – But you never know.  (Blake gives me a wink.)

Alex – Obviously we’re still deliberating about the possibility of a baby in the future, but right now…no.

Any new antics from the littles? Are they still terrorizing the hell out of you?

Alex – Always.  But I’m used to it. They’ve been terrorizing me for years. 

Blake – They all have their little quirks. Nycole is always trying to act like she’s twenty years old. This one I’m not too happy about. Kyndall is constantly in her own world doing her own thing.  And Rylie?  (Blake sighs) Let’s just say she keeps me on my toes.  The other day I found her on top of the refrigerator.  (He shakes his head) She might be the death of me.

Is Wild & Wacky Wednesday still happening? Blake, you joining in on the fun?

Blake – Every Wednesday. There are just some traditions you don’t mess with.  That’s definitely one of them.  But Harlow usually brings Trace so it’s not that bad.  We all usually just sit around and watch the girls do what they do.  They’re very entertaining.

So. Ready for the lightening round? Both of you get to answer each one.

Favorite book/magazine:
Hot or Cold: Alex – Hot, Blake – Cold

Fast or Slow: Alex – Slow (looks over at Blake and giggles), Blake – (Smiles back at her) Slow

Winter or Summer: Alex – Summer, Blake – Winter

Favorite Color: Alex – Blue, Blake – Blue (Alex – “Copycat.  Get your own answers.”)

Top or Bottom: Alex – (Looks at Blake and giggles again) Either, Blake – With kids you don’t often get a I also have to say either.
Stay in or Go out: Alex – Stay in, Blake – Stay in.

Flirty or Dirty: Alex – Dirty! (Blake looks at her with huge eyes. Alex laughs. “I just wanted to see what you’d do.), Blake – I was gonna say flirty so keep outta trouble but I might have to change my answer. (Looks at Alex and winks) The girls are still with Harlow, right?

So there you have it, folks. Are they not freakin' adorable? I could not get enough of these two! What a fun pair they were. If I wasn't totally swooning over Blake before, I am now! I might also have a girl crush on Alex... 

In case you still haven't read the book, check out our REVIEW.  

Oh... a giveaway? Sure thing! There will be *2* prizes being given away for this one! One will be an e-copy of Running on Empty and one will be a SIGNED PAPERBACK!

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