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Forever My Girl INTERVIEW (featuring Heidi McLaughlin, Liam, & Josie)

Alright seductresses, today we welcome Heidi McLaughlin, Liam, and Josie to our blog! They were all kind enough to stop by and hang out for a little bit. We had tons of fun chatting it up with these lovely people! If you haven’t had a chance to check out their story, we highly recommend it! Forever My Girl is a sweet story about reunited love & second chances!

D: So I'm interested in why you chose the theme of reunited love/second chances? Does this hit close to home for you? (it does for me, so i love these story lines)

Heidi: The storyline actually chose me. I saw a picture and this story just appeared. From the first moment, it was always a second chance story.

Em: Love that you said it chose you! Does that make it easier to write?

Heidi: It does because everything was there. I just had to put it down.

D: Is writing your main profession?

Heidi: I wish. Right now it's just a hobby.

D: So, if it's a hobby, when do you fit in time to write?

Heidi: At night, or on the weekends. I did just over 3400 today on a standalone that I'm working on.

D: wow! That's impressive :)

Heidi: Thanks. Not sure how I find the time at night. My daughters play basketball so each night is almost in a gym someplace.

D: What is your other job? (if you care to share)

Heidi: I work in land use, which in a nutshell, if you want to do something to your property you have to come see me
Em: When you were younger, what did you want to be? Was writing always something you were interested in?

Heidi: I've always wanted to be a writer, but thought I'd be a lawyer because I like to argue

Em: Interesting... I'm not sure I could hack it at that job. So, the liking to argue. Now I can see why Josie & Liam were so good at their "discussions"

Heidi: Haha... I may have picked a few fights with my hubs for some reactions

Em: Genius. I'm sure he definitely appreciated that 

Heidi: He did after he found out what it was for!

D: lol! good hubby

Em: How many books do you anticipate in the series? I'm super excited about the next one based on the clip at the end of this book!

Heidi: Definitely 3. I'd like to do a prequel and a novella with Liam and Josie.

Em: We can never have too much of those 2
Heidi: I agree. Never too much Liam!
Em: Will Nick be moving back to town after he finishes his year out of the country? Does Noah still talk to him?

Heidi: No, Nick isn't coming back at the end of his year and he hasn't had any contact with Noah

Em: I didn't love him. I can't decide if I'm glad he won't be back or still irritated with him!

Heidi: Well, let me just say, the moment he saw Liam he just knew

Em: I'm sure... I saw that letter he wrote. I tried to see things from his POV, but I didn't like how he let his temper drive him sometimes.

Heidi: He's a man scorned. They do crazy things

Em: Outside of the Beaumont series, you have mentioned a stand-alone novel. Will that be out soon?

Heidi: er because I like to arug this point.g to prompt or redirect JH, he would argue and refuse to comply. he to the classroomI hope so. My goal was March, but not sure I'll make it.

Rapid Fire Time!
D: Favorite Book

Heidi: Anything by Judy Blume

D: favorite season

Heidi: Summer

D: morning or night

Heidi: Night

D: flirty or dirty

Heidi: oooh.... flirty and dirty 

D: coffee or tea

Heidi: Neither, no caffeine for me. Sprite Zero

Dana: hot or cold

Heidi: hot

D: sweet or salty

Heidi: sweet

Em: ok. I think that's all for you! we're ready for Josie & Liam if they're ready

Heidi: They are!

(Heidi and D step out for a bit while I get up close & personal with Liam & Josie – who are possibly the sweetest couple I’ve seen recently!)

Em: Hi guys! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us! I’m sure you two are super busy with getting ready for the tour and the flower shop, so I will get right down to business! So... Liam. How did you know Noah was your son so quickly?

Liam: The moment he said he saw me kissing his mom on a DVD and said her name I looked at him, really looked and saw me staring back

Em: I'm sure that was a crazy revelation!

Liam: My heart was racing. It took everything in me not to take him from that museum.

Em: I'm sure that would've made the trip to the flower shop even more interesting.
Josie - You said you had some ideas about how you thought he figured it out. What were you thinking?

Josie: There are a few people who are town gossips. I thought Liam found out from one of them.

Em: Makes sense! I'm sure they would've loved to do that.

Josie: A few of them yes. Evil people when they have something like this hanging over your head

Em: Some people just love to get attention, no matter who it could hurt

Em: Liam. Are the ladies still eyeing you up and following you around? I'm sure they know you're tied down now, but I'm not sure that will stop some of them

Liam: They are. Most of them don't care that I'm taken. I think that encourages them more.

Em: Ah geez. Floozies.

(They responded at the same time for this one!)

Josie: We know someone like that! Liam: Or ex-managers

Em: :cough: Sam :cough:

Em: Josie. How do you not just kick the crap out of those girls? I'm pretty sure that if I had a guy looking like Liam, I wouldn't let him out of the bedroom. I mean my sight. Yes. I mean, I wouldn't let him out of my SIGHT. Or bedroom.

Josie: It's not anything new. He was like this in high school, maybe a bit more cocky now though. We are just about to go on tour, so I'm sure it will be hard, but I see the way he looks at me and looks at them and I know he sees nothing in them.

Em: :sigh: You guys are so sweet.

Josie: Easy to be sweet when you're in love

Em: Will the cat go on tour with you? And is he still adjusting well to not being in LA anymore?

Liam: The cat that hates me will not go on tour. Linda, my maid from LA, is now in Beaumont, he likes her. The cat does love Noah, so I'd say he's adjusted well.

Em: Glad to hear he hasn't had to pack his kitty bags just yet.

Liam: Oh he has his moments

Em: So... going on tour again soon? Does that mean the wedding will happen rather soon?

Josie: No, not until after the tour. Surprisingly, we aren't in a hurry

Em: :sigh: Will there be any more Liam & Josie babies?

Liam: Well... we practice a lot. You know, we have ten years to make up for and Noah wants one so we'll see.

Em: Ha! I'm sure you do. It'd be hard to resist Liam.

Josie: Oh I don't know about that. He does have his quirks

Em: He has to pack in as many quirky things as possible to make up for the lost time, too. Liam - are you gonna watch the Superbowl with Peyton?

Liam: I am. Her and I have a date in her basement. We'll watch the first half and see how things go before we decide to join the others

Em: Josie - has business picked up at the flower shop since your man has been back in your life? I'm sure people come in hoping to catch a glimpse

Josie: Business was crazy at first, but Liam Westbury and Liam Page are very different. Liam Page is around on Saturday nights when the band plays in the coffee shop

Em: Smart move!

Josie: It works well and the lines aren't crossed

Em: I loved when you told him on your date that you wanted to be with Liam Page on your date. :sigh:… So you guys ready for some “rapid fire” questions? You both have to answer them!

Em: Favorite color

Liam: Blue Josie: Blue

Em: Favorite Ice Cream

Liam: Chocolate Josie: Cookies and Creme

Em: Summer or Winter

Liam: Summer Josie: Summer

Em: Favorite book

Liam: Oh, The Places You'll Go  Josie: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Em: Morning or night

Liam: Night Josie: Morning

Em: Ravens or 49ers

Liam: Ravens  Josie: Ravens

Em: cats or dogs

Liam: Dog. I'd like a dog  Josie: We have a cat!

Em: Noah wants a dog, too... I think you're going to be outvoted on this one, Josie.

Josie: Probably, these boys give these puppy dog eyes and make me cave

Em: I'm sure. Maybe just tell them they will be in charge of cleaning up the mess in the backyard.

(Heidi & D came back just as I was wrapping up with the lovebirds!)

Em: Well, I think that's everything! Thank you all for coming!

D: thanks so much!!!

Heidi: You're very welcome!
Josie & Liam: Thank you!

To keep up to date on The Beaumont Series & other novels by Heidi, be sure to check out her Facebook Page
Check back later this week for our review!

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