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Blog Tour: Review, Alternate POV, & Giveaway: Enforcer by Nikki Worrell

Lacey Benoit is in need of a fresh start. Her best friend, Dr. Zoe Millis, has been begging her to make the move from Maine to California. Taking a leap of faith, Lacey does just that.

Living in San Diego definitely has its perks, such as, sunshine and beaches. The best part of moving to the west coast, however, is that Steven is still on the east coast. Catching your almost husband having sex with one of your bridesmaids on your wedding day would make even the strongest woman jaded. Therefore, Lacey has sworn off men for a while, especially men who travel a lot that have easy access to loose women.

When Lacey meets the new enforcer for the San Diego Scorpions, she thinks she might be in trouble.

But she is determined to fight her attraction to the sexy NHL hunk. And she is successful...for about a day.

So it seems that hockey romance is one of the new trends. You won’t find this girl complaining! I went to my fair share of hockey games just to watch hot guys throughout college! Definitely don’t mind reading this one.
I really enjoyed this novel! I always enjoy seeing a woman is strong & independent, but can realize that it is ok to depend on a guy. And then a guy that actively pursues a girl, oh yes.  The writing flowed and kept me interested throughout the entire story. There was an added element of drama concerning the ex which kept you guessing how things might go down and when, but wasn’t cheesy or corny.

I also really enjoyed the mental health aspect of this entire story. Considering Lacey’s best friend is a psychiatrist, it is a main theme throughout the story and addresses various issues. It does this without dragging the story to a depressing level though. I really liked that!

This was a very happy read and it kept me smiling throughout the story!

Alternate Point of View
Lacey was excited and nervous for their first date. When they got to the beach, Jody led her over to a bench and asked her to sit. She sat down and looked up at him wishing he would kiss her again. Like he could read her mind, before he turned to walk back to the truck to retrieve their picnic items, he bent down and kissed her.

She wished she knew what he was thinking. He lingered a bit longer, and she thought he might be catching her scent. She personally loved the minty chocolate soap she’d used, but would he? It wasn’t a scent that one would typically associate with soap.

“I love the way you smell.” Pressing his lips to hers again quickly, he turned to walk away. As he walked away, Lacey sat there enjoying the view. He was such a pleasure to look at, whether he was coming or going.

Jody walked back over to Lacey with a basket on one arm and a blanket on the other. Aside from being able to spend the night with him, she couldn’t think of a better way to spend an evening. To her eternal mortification, Lacey felt tears prick the back of her eyes. Mother Nature, what a bitch. What were the chances of her being unable to make love to Jody for the first time when every fiber of her being had told her that tonight would be the night? She wanted to throat punch Mother Nature. What could she say? Hormones made her violent.

About the Author

I am a hockey fan (Go Flyers!) who loves to read. And now I am enjoying writing. What do I write about? Hockey and men. Really, is there anything better?

I live in Hammonton, NJ with my husband of over 18 years. It's not always easy but it's always worth it.

I have a B.S.B.A. in Human Resources and work for a law firm in Philadelphia. Favorite Books: Pretty much anything with strong characters. I also love some supernatural thrown in and anything that involves a hockey player!

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