Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway: Conflicted by Sophie Monroe

When you think about your life are there things you would reverse?
Derek Scott is the twenty-six year old drummer of Battlescars. With a past marred by tragedy, he has a hard time letting people in. He's also made his share of mistakes. Now, he's trying to come to terms with the choices he has made recently and what they mean for him.

When someone from his past comes back into his life, Derek thinks maybe he can get back on track. However, things unravel, leaving him more unclear than ever. When long kept secrets find him and force him to decide what really matters in his life, will he be able to choose a path - or will he always be conflicted?


Turning my face slightly, our lips met and the familiar carnal spark ignited. Lacing my fingers through his tousled hair, I pulled him closer to me, not wanting any space between us. The hardness of his cock was already pressing up against my core, pulsing with need. A small moan escaped my lips as we continued mauling each other. He was struggling with the tiny buttons of my blouse and before I could stop him, he tore it open like the Incredible Hulk, sending the buttons scattering.

That was going to be hard to explain when we got home…

Pressing my chest into his hands, Derek massaged my nipples with his skilled fingers, before dropping his head and pulling one into his mouth, sucking hard. There was a good chance that we were both going to regret this when it was all said and done, but for now I couldn’t find it in me to give a shit. I tugged his hair, earning a growl, and pulled his mouth back to mine. I began working on undoing his zipper until he sprang free. He had the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. It was perfect in every way and the way he fit inside me was like the missing piece of a puzzle.

Sliding my panties to the side, I sank down onto him, loving the feeling of him stretching me as his cock filled me completely. Placing his hands on my hips, he began moving me up and down. I was so close to coming undone and we had barely even started.

“I need you so much right now,” he whispered against my lips before kissing me again.

Unwilling to pull apart for long, “ditto” was my only reply.

About the Author
Sophie Monroe is a twenty-something author from New Jersey. Her rock & roll romance series, Battlescars, is an Amazon and USA TODAY best seller.

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