Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: Other Fish in the Sea by Jenn Cooksey

In Shark Bait, readers everywhere met and fell in love with the new girl, Camie Ramsey, and swooned over her sure to be future husband, Tristan Daniels. Now, in the long awaited second installment of the Grab Your Pole series by Jenn Cooksey, The Other Fish in the Sea, Camie and Tristan are back, but so are their friends!

So, find a breathing apparatus and shimmy into your scuba gear, because it's finally time to dive deeper into the lives of the GYP gang, but be warned, it's a big world out there and an even bigger ocean where danger might be lurking around the next corner and realistically, anything could happen.

If you read and loved Shark Bait, you are sure to love Other Fish in the Sea!

In this story, we get to see the POV of more characters. Right off the bat, Jenn Cooksey tells us that she will be doing multiple POV, but doesn’t reveal who it is at the beginning of each chapter. Going in to this, I was a little nervous about it. Rest assured, Jenn Cooksey hits the nail on the head with this. It was easy to see the difference in personalities and voices right from the beginning. I was glad for the forewarning though!

There were many unexpected events throughout the story that kept me turning the pages! Cooksey did a fabulous job keeping my attention with both the storyline as well as her style of writing. This is different than Shark Bait, but just as great! Make sure you check it out J

About the Author

Jenn Cooksey is a Southern California girl born and bred, however she's no longer a resident of heaven on earth, but instead she currently resides in the 7th Ring of Hell with her husband, their three daughters, and a goodly number of pets. Aside from her husband, one cat, and three out of five fish, everyone living under the Cooksey's roof is female. She's sure her husband will not only be awarded sainthood when he kicks the bucket, but that Jesus will welcome him into heaven with a beer and a congratulatory high-five. Jenn is also of the belief that Bacon should be capitalized and that just being yourself is the best way to go. That is, unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman.

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  1. I love this series so much, one of my favorites. The writing is amazing. I can''t wait for more:)
    My favorite character is Tristan, cause he's so swell, seriously, read them and find out!