Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: Kick by Holly S. Roberts

Cami Avesque is a shy, wannabe journalist, working for the largest newspaper in Ohio. She’s stuck editing classified ads until she lands her big break. That break comes when the only female sports reporter goes on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. For some reason, Cami is chosen to cover The Slam, a rugby team in Colt, Ohio. They have a chance of going all the way to the Rugby League Championship.

Unfortunately, Cami has a poor track record with jocks and going all the way is one of her problems. Because of her past, she hides her assets behind clothes that are a size too large and big glasses that camouflage the sexual sizzle that eats ripped bodies for lunch. Shy, she must remember she’s shy. If only man muscle didn't bring her wild side out to play she might survive a rugby try.

Gorgeous brothers, Van and Joel Stelson, own, manage, and play for The Slam. They see through Cami’s cover up and attack in order to make their goal. Who will be the first to get her in bed? Who will be the first to win her heart?

Remember in rugby… 80 Minutes, 15 Positions, No Protection, Lets Ruck!

Whew. That was a hot one! You can never go wrong with a good love triangle. And to add that it was brothers? Yes, please and thank you. Holly Roberts scored a try with this one, for sure! Not only did I get a great romance, but I got a glimpse in to rugby and now I want to know more about this sport!

Cami & Van made me laugh. He was an irresistible bad boy that had one goals: conquer the good girl. At the same time, their intensity was hot. But then their fighting was just as intense as the heat. As they grew, it was interesting to see the change in each of them while one started to realize that being the one-night stand guy was maybe not all that it was cracked up to be, the other was realizing that maybe she needed to evaluate her approach on relationships. They helped each other out in this sense.
Then there was Joel & Cami. They frustrated me!! I just wanted them to work out and get over themselves. Their own personal hang-ups caused a lot of miscommunication or lack of communication which was the cause of their fallout. They showed a lot of heart in the way they interacted with each other. Where Cami & Van were hot and steamy, Cami & Joel were sweet and romantic.

At the end of the day, Cami ends up right where she needs to be with the guy she needs to be with. I will not hesitate to read more in this series! I loved it!
4 stars



About the Author

Holly S. Roberts is the author of twenty books using three pseudonyms. She goes from hot and steamy athletes, kinky BDSM, vampires, weres and dragons shifters to humorous non-fiction police procedural. She lives with husband of thirty-five years and two spoiled dog along with a wild rabbit who adopted the family and visits daily. For all the latest information on her fantasy writing world and real life misadventures as a sex crimes detective sign up for her mailing list at

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  1. This book is well written with a great story line. The characters have believable issues they have to work through and the process is logical.