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SALE: Assassin/Shifter Series by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Warning: This series contains explicit sexual situations, Sexual assault, graphic language, 
and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence. 
If you are offended by joking references to mental disabilities, please do not purchase this 

Book Fifteen: This book is part of a series

Glory days? If high school was their glory days, the outcast gay teens at the outreach centers run by Caden Fournier were screwed. For most of them, the torment they received at those schools and at the hands of their own families was enough to make living on the street seem like a better proposition.

Enter Camp Pride and its devoted staff of volunteers and backers. For college students Kory Maguire and Will Cooper, the camp was a way for them to help abandoned and confused gay kids find their way in life. And it didn't hurt that the incredible hunks - ex-Navy SEALs Jacob Steele and Seth Ralston - were working there, too. Straight Kory ran into Jacob in Seattle several times and found himself having lots of definitely un-straight thoughts about him. Will had been abused by his ex-boyfriend and was skittish of all men now - especially if they were twice his size, like Seth.

Werewolves Jacob and Seth have found their mates in Kory and Will. But have the fates gotten it wrong? What if Kory can't commit to a relationship with a man? Is Will too skittish to trust and give himself to someone so much more powerful than he? And can everyone put their own problems aside so that the campers can feel safe and find strength in being loved?

Book Sixteen: This book is part of a series.

FBI Special Agent Devin Lyons and Russian mob boss/FBI ally Andrei Panchenko have been at each others' throats for years. Literally. They've had their hands around the other's throat lots of times. When Andrei barely escapes a bold attempt on his life, government big shot James Jacobs decides to put Devin in charge of Andrei's safety. After all, who better to keep the Russian alive than the man who wants to do the killing himself?

Andrei Panchenko knows two things as fact: Devin Lyons hates him. And the FBI agent is the sexiest man he's ever seen. Forced into cohabitation, Andrei tries to figure out why the agent wants him dead. He has been nothing but honest in owning up to his crimes and kills only the vilest men who manage to escape justice. But still Lyons (who has his own violent record) treats him with contempt. In the meantime, Andrei notices a touching side to the man that he's never seen before. And THAT scares him more than any gun.

Devin Lyons hates Andrei Panchenko. It's one of the things in his life that he can count on. Until he's forced to spend time with the ridiculously beautiful and sexy man. Seeing the "real" Andrei turns Devin's world upside down until he's not sure whether he wants to kill Andrei or make love to him.

A common enemy of both men is determined that neither will have the chance to do anything except die. When a life-changing secret is revealed, will the resulting fallout bring the two men together or separate them forever? 

Book Seventeen: This book is part of a series.

Colin Greystone has loved one man since he understood what love was: Nikolai Markov. But Nikolai is too young and Colin makes himself stay away. By the time he decides to declare his feelings, Nikolai has earned quite the reputation as a playboy and a badass. Colin spends years trying to forget the younger man, only to have his world flipped upside down when Nikolai Markov barrels back into his life. Colin is in danger and his fathers have asked Nik to protect him. Colin is less than thrilled to be forced into spending so much time --in such close contact -- with the man he swore he'd stopped loving.

At 20 years old, Nikolai Markov is well known as a hired gun with a hot body. But now he only wants one thing : For Colin Greystone to give him a chance. Thrust into Colin's college life -- and dorm room -- Nikolai unloads his charms on a resistant and unbending Colin. When the two of them are in harm's way, Nikolai will kill anyone who threatens his man. His other mission? Making Colin fall for him.

Can a love that began at birth survive to adulthood? Or has Nikolai's chance passed him by?

Book Eighteen: This book is part of a series.

The men of the Skull Blaster unit have spent most of their lives fighting together for a safer world, first in the military and now as an elite team supervised by Homeland Security. Now they have an even more pressing reason to make the world a better place.

Their children are about to be born.

Mateo Esposito grew up in foster homes, alone and cynical, grateful for the day he could be on his own. When fate upset his ordered life with innocent Riley Flynn, he didn't stand a chance against love. Now the soulmates are expecting two bundles of joy.

Sam Waters found new life when he married Dakota Cadotte, the man with eyes like stars. Unaware Dakota was a werewolf when they met, Sam has now embraced the life he's been given with the man he loves. They also are expecting a baby any day now.

When the time comes, the babies enter the world with a roar! Tears and hugs are shared, and life's road takes a definite twist as secrets and surprises are revealed.

But chaos is nothing new for these men, is it?

Book Nineteen: This book is part of a series.

Years ago, sensitive Jude Brooks got tired of watching junior high life through the vents in his locker. Unfortunately, handsome Hayden Cox’s favorite pastime was putting him in there. When Jude’s werewolf friends torment Hayden for being human, he takes it out on distractingly beautiful Jude. A lot.

Tired of having his son picked on, pack member Henry Cox moves his family away. “Cox the cock” is gone – so why does Jude feel disappointment mixed with his exhilaration? In another city, Hayden is finally being accepted – so why is he constantly haunted by the memory of mesmerizing violet eyes?

Fast-forward to a meeting as adults, and the air is so thick with tension and anger that it can be grabbed and shaped into adorable animals. Jude’s rage toward his nemesis has boiled over and nothing Hayden can do or say will make it go away. Hayden’s efforts to make peace convince everyone but Jude he’s a changed man. In fact, he’s a werewolf now and he wants nothing more than for Jude to forgive him. Jude wants nothing more than to ignore Cox the cock and be taken seriously as a protector of the pack.

If longing looks and lustful thoughts are anything to go by, this situation is far from resolved. Is Jude’s best friend really dating Hayden? And why does he care? Can he ever completely trust the person who spent years treating him like an algebra book? Will a survival test in Siberia and a stunning revelation bring them together or tear them farther apart?

Maybe they’ll both be taught a lesson about love.

Book Twenty: This book is part of a series.

For years, Jackson Murphy and Jonas Brooks have been dancing around each other in a waltz of uncertainty and longing. One unexpected kiss meant to comfort rattles the two alphas, but neither is willing to make the first move. Now, their meddling packs are conniving to force the two alphas to see what they truly share — a bond of love. A reconnaissance mission to Siberia brings more confusion as Jonas’ deepest secret is revealed, and a startling revelation threatens to destroy their relationship before it even starts.

John Quinton has been without a wife for more than twenty years, still grieving her sudden death. An assignment to Siberia to find a missing alpha plants him squarely in the path of one of the most feared feral female werewolves in the Siberian enclosure. But things aren't always as they seem. Just as John dares to care again, his hopes and dreams are smashed.

By a simple bond.

Book Twenty-One: This book is part of a series.

Jesse Salvatore has had it. He's the youngest of three brothers -- and the only one born without the werewolf gene. Because he's human, his brothers, Jaxon and Justice, treat him like he's helpless. They constantly battle deadly rogue wolves and won't let him anywhere near the fight. When he meets Noah King, he knows he's found his soulmate in the werewolf and soldier. Just as life seems to be brightening, big brother Justice forbids Jesse to see Noah. The two men sneak time together when they can, but it's not enough. More than a year later, the rogues have targeted Jesse and Justice has no choice but to let Noah protect him.

Noah King has never been in love. One-night stands are more his style. But the first time he sees Jesse Salvatore, his world is flipped upside down by the hot blond-haired, green-eyed human. What's not to love? Jesse is sweet, smart, gorgeous and bad-ass. Only one thing stands in their way: Justice Salvatore. When Jesse's life is threatened, Noah is entrusted with keeping him safe.

Of course, no plan is ever fool-proof, and a mission to protect one man changes the lives of many.

Book Twenty-Two: This book is part of a series

Cole Ryker has been a man on a mission since the second he laid eyes on tall, dark and dirty-talking Ross Collins. That mission? To get the macho Delta Force soldier into his bed and out of his head, putting an end to his obsession. When Ross finally agrees to a date, Cole is overjoyed - and, frankly, rather surprised. Ross is like no man he's ever met. When one date leads to another and another, the men struggle to sort out their feelings. Ross Collins is in full command of everything in his life. When Cole Ryker hits on him - and keeps hitting on him - something in Ross is drawn to the confident firefighter and the uncertainty that comes with letting someone else take the lead. Time with Cole is intoxicating, unlike anything Ross could have imagined. He's falling fast and Cole is right there with him. But everyone has secrets, don't they? Ross is hiding the fact that he's a werewolf, and Cole is terrified his own past relationship will ruin any chance he has of finding happiness with Ross. There's also the matter of a man from Ross' past who's pretty determined to stake his own claim on the soldier. Truths explode as quickly and terrifying as a five-alarm fire, putting relationships in jeopardy and loved ones in danger. Is there an escape or will their love turn to ashes?

Summer of Awakenings (Assassin/Shifter #15) Excerpt:

“Jacob?” Kory tested the name on his lips.

“So you do remember me,” Jacob smiled, motioning to the target. “Have you been practicing?”

“So you are the self- defense teacher?”

Jacob nodded, making his way closer to his mate. God, he’d missed him. “Yes, Seth and I. Are you planning on taking the course?”

Kory hadn’t thought about it, but he was thinking about it now. Jacob Steele hadn’t changed one iota. He was still beautiful. The graphite-grey eyes were smiling at him in amusement. Kory realized he was nodding his head, and his mouth hung open. Closing his mouth, Kory raised his eyes to Jacob’s.

“Yes, I guess so.” Kory tilted his head. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you at Cuffs and Stuff.”

“Were you looking for me?” Jacob stepped closer. Kory didn’t step back.

Kory’s cheeks heated. “Maybe,” Kory looked at Jacob shyly. “What if I was?”

“I would have asked you to dance.” Jacob took another tentative step forward; again, Kory didn’t step back. “Would you have accepted?”

Kory looked up at the imposing man in front of him. Jacob Steele had to be over six foot two at least. His chest was massive, the pectoral muscles tensing as he waited for Kory’s answer.

“I would have said yes,” Kory finally said. Jacob’s lips lifted in a smile.


Kory nodded. Being this close to Jacob was making his hands tingle and his dick throb. His erection was rising in his jeans and Kory tried hiding his rising desire. Lord, what was wrong with him? He found Jacob attractive, that was a given; but kissing a man? Kory tilted his head looking at Jacob’s lips. They looked soft and inviting. A smattering of stubble covered Jacob’s chin. Kory wanted to reach out and touch it, see if it was coarse or smooth on his hands.

“Are you all right?” Jacob asked, keeping his laughter in check. He could almost hear Kory’s gears turning in his head.

“Oh, yeah. Just…um…thinking.” Kory swallowed hard, his eyes drifting southward, eyeing what Jacob was hiding in those faded blue jeans.

Jacob motioned to Kory’s hair. “I know it’s been a while, but I don’t remember your hair being that, um, particular shade.”

Kory blushed and grinned. “It was an experiment gone awry. I’m going to change it back eventually.”

Jacob crossed his arms and looked Kory over from head to toe. “I don’t know. It kind of suits you.” Jacob smiled as Kory blushed. “Well, I’ve got to get back to the athletic compound; I’ve got to get all the gear set up. So, maybe I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah, sure,” Kory forced his eyes back up to Jacob’s. Those eyes looked so familiar.

“See you later Kory Maguire,” Jacob winked before turning and heading towards the sports complex.

“Yeah, bye.” Kory watched Jacob’s ass as he retreated further from him. “Damn, that’s nice,” Kory chuckled. He straightened up as Jacob looked over his shoulder with a smile. “Shit,” Kory whispered. Had Jacob heard him? He couldn’t have. Kory stood there with what he knew was a ridiculous smile on his face. Yeah, he could see himself kissing Jacob Steele.

Into the Lyon’s Den (Assassin/Shifter #16) Excerpt:

“Oh. My. God,” Andrei hissed. 

“Well now,” Devin grinned. “Good morning, Panchenko.”

“It is a joke, right?” Andrei’s eyes fell on Ivan. “It is, isn’t it?”

Devin stood up and gave Andrei a slow once over. The man wore faded, low-rise jeans and a T-shirt. His black hair was wet and tousled and his eyes were bloodshot. Devin averted his eyes and cleared his throat.

“Nope, no joke.” Devin picked up a piece of paper off the desk and gave Andrei a smirk. “I see you’re HIV free.”

“Give me that!” Andrei snarled, snatching the piece of paper from Agent Lyons. “Get away from my desk!”

Chris watched the show between the man and Andrei. “Um, Andrei? Who is this guy?”

“That,” Andrei glared at Agent Lyons. “Is Special Agent Devin Lyons.”

Chris’ eyes widened. “The FBI guy?”

Devin narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

“Well bend me over the desk and slap my ass,” Chris walked forward, extending his hand. “Christophe Voronova.”

Devin tilted his head. “Dimitri’s husband?”

“One and the same,” Chris took his time letting his eyes wander over the agent. Damn, but the man was eye candy. He had dirty blond hair and the most arresting blue-grey-gold eyes. Strong square jaw with a thin, regal nose. He wasn’t tall, but damn was he packed in the muscles department.

“So, you are Andrei’s bodyguard?”

“I am.” Devin sat back down after shaking Chris Voronova’s hand. “James Jacobs felt I was the best choice in this matter.”

“And why is that, exactly?” Andrei crossed his arms over his chest, eyebrow raised.

“Because I want to kill you. I don’t want anyone else taking that away from me.” Devin looked at Ivan and Christophe. “I need to speak with Panchenko. Ivan, I’ll need all the information I asked you for ASAP.”

Ivan raised his brows and Devin sighed in frustration.


“Fine.” Ivan took Andrei’s hand. “If you need anything, if you feel threatened —”

“Oh, do not worry, Ivan.” Andrei turned his attention to Agent Lyons. “I will kill him myself.”

Devin snorted.

Ivan opened the door to the office and ushered Chris out. Andrei waited for the door to shut before turning back to the agent. Dammit, Agent Lyons did look sexy. He wore his G-man suit and his hair was styled. Their eyes locked and Andrei felt his heart race. He needed to get his shit together; this man hated him.

“My desk?” Andrei growled.

“Get over it. We have things to discuss.” Devin narrowed his eyes. Andrei huffed, and then finally sat down.

“What do you want from me?” Andrei sat down across from Lyons.

“I need to know who you’ve killed. Off the record.”

“I will tell you what you want to know.”

Devin laughed sharply. “Sure you will.”

Andrei sat forward and earnestly regarded the agent. “I do not lie, Agent Lyons. I make no excuses for my actions. If you ask me a question, I will answer you truthfully.”

Devin sat forward as well. “How many people have you killed, Panchenko?”

“A lot.”

“Let’s start with that then,” Devin grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper. “I’ll need to know all your business dealings as well.”

“Whatever you need, you shall have it.”

Devin put the pen down and looked at Andrei. “You’re not going to argue James’ decision? Even after you know how I feel about you?”

Andrei shrugged. “I trust James; if he feels you are the best man for the job, then I will not complain.”

Devin raised a brow, but just nodded. “Fine. Let’s get started.”

An hour later, Devin’s hand was cramping. Andrei hadn’t been lying. He was confessing to every man he’d ever killed, maimed or just made disappear. Devin stretched his back out and regarded Andrei sitting stoically across from him, arms crossed over his chest, eyes trained on Devin. It was a bit unsettling, even for him.

“I have one more to ask you about.”

Andrei waved his hand in the air wearily. “Go ahead.”

“Alphonse Rizzo.” Devin smirked as Andrei grew uncomfortable in the chair. “Name’s familiar, isn’t it? See, the FBI is still looking for him, as he was a key witness to a crime.”

Andrei snorted. “Oh yes, Alphonse the saint! That bastard was responsible for the deaths of many women from heroin overdoses.”

“You killed him, didn’t you?” Devin sat forward.

Andrei leaned forward as well. “Yes, I did.”

Devin started and sat back in his chair. Andrei eyed him warily. “I didn’t think you’d be honest about that one. I had my suspicions…but…”

“I told you, Agent Lyons. I will not lie. I take responsibility for my actions as well as punishment for those actions. Now, if we are done?” Andrei rose from the chair.

“Nope, sit your ass down, Panchenko.”

Andrei put his hands on the desk and leaned into Agent Lyons’ face. “I am tired. Whatever other questions you have can wait. I must get ready for the meeting of the families.”

“That’s not for a few days.”

“You are my bodyguard, not my boss. Make sure you remember that,” Andrei snapped.

“Oooh! Feisty, aren’t you?”

“I am tired and I have a migraine and you are making it much worse.”

Devin pouted. “Awww.”

“Shut up.”

Devin tilted his head. “How?”

“How what?” Andrei raised both brows.

“How did you kill Alphonse? Did you cut him up? Blow him up? Shoot him?”

Andrei leaned forward and smiled. “I tied him up by his ankles and slit his wrists. Then I sat back with a book while he bled out.” Andrei watched the grin spread across Agent Lyons’ face.

“You are one sick bastard, aren’t you?” Devin laughed.

“An eye for an eye, Agent Lyons. Alphonse disposed of one of his victims the same way. I believe in swift justice. I knew Alphonse would walk on his crimes.”

“Well, I’ll keep that in mind.”

The Nik of Time (Assassin/Shifter #17) Excerpt:

Colin smiled and crossed the room to his dresser. The door to his room opened again; he turned and all ability to speak left him.

“Well hello roo—” Nikolai stopped mid-sentence. Colin was half naked and another guy was in his room. The anger rose so fast Nikolai didn’t have a chance to stop it. He let out a menacing growl and lunged at the guy. He found Colin in his way.

“Nik!” Colin shouted.

“What the fuck?” Nikolai snapped. “Who the fuck is this guy?”

“That’s him!” Drew shouted. “Holy hell! You know him?”

Colin stood with his hand on Nikolai’s chest. “Back off, Nikolai.”

“Who. Is. He?” Nikolai growled staring at the other guy’s face.

Drew shivered. “Oh hell. That is so fucking hot.”

Colin sighed, pushing Nikolai away from Drew. “Drew Treadman, meet Nikolai Markov. Nikolai, this is my lab partner, Drew.”

“Why is he in here while you’re naked?” Nikolai narrowed his eyes at Drew. “Are you fucking my boyfriend?”

“I am not your boyfriend!” Colin shouted. “What are you doing here?”

“Markov?” Drew cocked an eyebrow. “As in Vince Markov? That Nikolai?”

“Yes, that one,” Colin sighed. “Can I see you later, Drew? I have to have a talk with Nik.”

“Uh huh, sure, talk,” Drew winked. “Got ya.”

Colin closed the door behind Drew and banged his head on it. Taking a deep breath, he turned to find Nikolai right in his face.

“Could you please back up?”

“Are you fucking him?” Nikolai leaned in. “Are you?”

“That’s none of your business. Now what are you doing here?”

Nikolai balled his hands into fists, trying to control his anger. “I’m your roommate.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re in danger, Colin.”

“When am I not? I’m a Greystone.”

“This is different. Didn’t Stefan call you?”

“I haven’t been taking calls.” Colin walked back over to his dresser and pulled some jeans out.

“Carmine Rizzo is your father, Colin. He’s going to come for you eventually.”

Colin turned slowly. “What did you just say?”

Nikolai walked to the phone and pushed the blinking light. Stefan’s voice floated into the room.

“Colin, look, I need you to call me as soon as you can, all right? It’s important.”

The phone beeped and another message floated over, than another.

“Colin, look this can’t wait. Carmine Rizzo is your biological father. He’s going to come for you. Don’t get angry, but your fathers and I agree that you need a little extra protection. We’re sending Nikolai to watch out for you.”

Nikolai hit the button again, silencing the answering machine. Colin sat down on the end of his bed and stared at the wall.

“Carmine Rizzo,” he whispered.

Nikolai knelt in front of Colin and took his hands. “Just because he’s your biological father doesn’t make him your dad. Uncle Mark and Uncle Paul are your fathers. You were raised by them, not by that piece of shit.”

Colin nodded absentmindedly. “I’m a Greystone.”

“Yes, you are.”

Colin blinked and realized Nikolai was holding his hands. He yanked them away and stood up.

“That’s great and all, but I don’t need a babysitter. I can take care of myself.”

Nikolai shook his head slowly and smiled. “Colin, I’m staying. You can’t get rid of me. I’m like herpes - you can calm me, but I’ll never really go away.”

“Isn’t that a fitting description,” Colin drawled.

Nikolai ignored Colin’s tone and pulled out his schedule. “So, let’s see which classes I have with you. Oh, look at that - all of them.” Nikolai grinned as Colin fumed.

“Are you planning on joining the football team as well?”

“I sure am. Coach told me I have to wear a jersey that says ‘Nik,’ though. Something about my last name invoking fear in people. I wonder why that is?” Nikolai tapped his chin with his forefinger in mock deep thought.

“Gee, I wonder.” Colin rolled his eyes.

“So, is this my side of the room?” Nikolai walked to the far side and looked at the bed. “This is way too small; we may have to push them together and make one bed.”

“Nice try.” Colin grabbed a T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Nikolai was walking around the room checking things out. He removed his leather jacket and Colin bit his bottom lip to stop himself from groaning. Nikolai’s biceps had gotten even bigger. How was that even possible? Colin narrowed his eyes and then gasped. “You were shot?”

Nik looked down at his bicep.

“Oh, yeah. Some asshole thought a 9 mil would slow me down,” Nikolai chuckled as he looked over all the contents of Colin’s dresser.

“Do you mind? Just because we share a room doesn’t mean you can touch all my stuff.”

“Can I touch that stuff?” Nikolai pointed to Colin’s crotch.

“No, that is off limits.” Colin grew serious and crossed the room to Nikolai. “Look, I want to thank you, you know, for saving my life at camp.” Colin looked up into Nikolai’s eyes and immediately regretted it. Nik had smoldering eyes that made his dick rock hard in seconds flat. He backed up and Nik took a step forward.

“I would do it again. You have to know how I feel about you, Colin.” Nikolai took Colin’s hand in his.

“No, I don’t. All I know is that you want in my pants.” Colin tried to back away further and was pulled forward.

“That’s not true. And I haven’t been with anyone in months, Colin.”

“I’m supposed to believe that?” Colin scoffed.

“Believe what you want.” Nikolai looked at the time. “We have to get to class.”

“Just how did you get into this college anyway? Stefan bribe someone?”

Nikolai bristled at the comment. “You’d be surprised, Colin. Stefan didn’t have to bribe anyone.”

“Yeah? Well you can’t fake your way through classes.”

“Well then, let’s go.”

The Littlest Assassin-Shifter (Assassin/Shifter #18) Excerpt:

“You’re back!” Riley ran to Mateo and jumped on him, wrapping his legs around his husband’s waist.

“So, I’ll just…’” Mitch stood up and quietly left the room, closing the door behind him.

“God, I missed you so much,” Mateo growled against Riley’s lips.

“I missed you, too. I need you so much, Mateo,” Riley breathed.

“Let me just lock the door.”

Mateo held Riley’s ass as he walked backwards and turned the lock on the conference room door, their lips never separating. The office windows were tinted; you could see out, but not in. A large couch occupied one wall and Mateo walked over to it, Riley still affixed to him like glue. They’d been apart for a week. It felt like a year.

Mateo eased Riley onto his back, and then climbed on top of him, his fingers making quick work of Riley’s button and zipper.

“I love you in your power suit,” Mateo nipped at Riley’s lips. “I love you even more out of it.”

Riley’s hands were all over him, unzipping his pants and then pulling at his shirt, like he couldn’t make up his mind which piece of clothing he wanted off first. Mateo helped by dragging his T-shirt over his head, leaving Riley’s hands to work with his zipper. His jeans slid over his ass and Riley’s hands were stroking his cock.

Damn, it felt good.

Mateo dragged Riley’s suit jacket off then yanked his pants down. His teeth made quick work of the buttons on Riley’s dress shirt. Riley moaned underneath him as he spit one of the buttons across the room.

“I’ll buy you a new shirt.” Mateo took Riley’s mouth.

They kissed as if they needed each other for nourishment, and Mateo knew that’s exactly what he’d found in Riley. They rolled off the couch naked and Mateo landed on top of his husband. His fingers searched his jeans for the small packet of lube he’d stashed in a pocket and Riley broke the kiss with a smile. In his hand, he held a bottle of flavored lube. Mateo’s eyebrows rose.

“Where did that come from?”

Riley popped the lid and dropped some into his hand.

“I hid some in the couch cushions.”

“Smart man,” Mateo grinned, taking Riley’s lips again. Cold lube spread over his cock and he inhaled sharply through his nose as Riley’s hand stroked him, pulling him closer to his hole. “Riley, it’s been a week; slow down! I don’t want to hurt you.”

Riley rolled them over again and straddled Mateo. “Butt plug all week.”

And with that, Riley lowered himself onto Mateo.

“Oh fuck!” Mateo grabbed for purchase on the conference room carpet.

His husband’s flushed face was beautiful as he lowered himself slowly, clenching his ass muscles tightly. Mateo held Riley’s hips as they started to move together. Riley’s fingers played with his nipples as he rode him slowly.

The man who had been a virgin when they met was a fucking expert in driving him crazy now. Mateo spread his legs out further and pulled Riley’s thighs in. He snapped his hips, jerking them upward faster and faster. Riley’s cock bobbed on his abs leaving a sticky trail of precome.

Riley’s eyes were closed, and a fine sheen of sweat beaded his temple. His mouth was partially open, moans of ecstasy escaping. Damn, the man was beautiful. Mateo gripped Riley’s cock and stroked upward, while Riley covered Mateo’s hand with his own.

“Gonna come without it…harder,” Riley rasped. “Faster!”

Mateo gripped Riley’s hips harder and slammed into him. His own orgasm coiled in his spine and he let loose with a loud cry; Riley came undone on top of him, jets of cream spurting up his abs and chest. His hair was matted against his temple with sweat and his breathing was labored. He collapsed on top of Mateo and sighed. Mateo chuckled, kissing his neck.

“Now that’s a welcome home.” Mateo held his husband close. 

Lessons Learned (Assassin/Shifter #19) Excerpt:

“Hey, I found a cave,” Hayden said, motioning to Jude.

“Is anything in it?” Jude asked, walking toward him.

“Not that I can tell. Maybe some pine needles. I can’t smell any other scents, animal or otherwise.” Hayden looked around. “I’ll grab some firewood. Can you set it up?”

“Why do I feel like you’re making me the little woman in this scenario? Why can’t I get firewood?”

Hayden grinned. “Fine, you get the firewood and climb the hill again.”

Jude’s dick stirred in his pants at that grin. Damn, Hayden was sexy. “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?” Hayden let his eyes roam over Jude slowly.

“Like I’m the last cracker on the plate.”

“I love crackers.” Hayden waggled his eyebrows.

Jude snorted. “You are so annoying.”

“I’m not boring, though.” Hayden pointed at Jude. “That’s what counts.”

Jude smiled despite himself. He walked over to Hayden and took both his hands. Hayden seemed surprised at the contact and Jude looked into his eyes.

“Thank you,” Jude said quietly.

“For what?” Hayden searched Jude’s eyes.

“You came for me in Germany, when my chute didn’t open. I treated you like shit and it was wrong. I’m sorry for all the things I said to you — ”

“Don’t.” Hayden put his finger on Jude’s lips. “I should be apologizing. I tortured you when all I really wanted to do was this.” Hayden pulled Jude into his chest and took his mouth. There was a soft gasp of surprise from Jude before his mouth opened. Hayden swept inside and groaned.

God, Jude tasted fantastic.

Hayden waited for a slap; what he got instead was a low growl and Jude wrapping his arms around him, deepening the kiss. Hayden’s hand rested on the back of Jude’s neck, his fingers playing in the soft, raven hair. Jude’s fingers crept under his jacket and shirt and met with his bare skin. Hayden moaned softly. His other arm wrapped around Jude, pulling him even closer. Their hardened erections bumped, and Jude gasped.

Hayden let go and broke the kiss. Stepping back, he waited for Jude to say something.

“Firewood,” Jude blurted.

They stared at each other for a few seconds before Jude turned and walked down the side of the ridge. Hayden ran a hand through his hair.

“Great, just great, Hayden. Dumbass. Why did you have to ruin it by kissing him?” Hayden smacked himself in the forehead. “You’ll be lucky if he ever comes back.”

Broken Bonds (Assassin/Shifter #20) Excerpt:

Tristan picked his jaw up off his desk. “Excuse me?”

“Which part did you not get?” Jackson sat back in the chair and crossed his legs.

“All of it?”

“Well, you and Scott decided I needed to be set up with Jonas. It just so happens we finally came clean with each other and now we want to show each other how much we care. That’s where you come in. Since you were so interested in my love life, I need to know how to be with Jonas in a more…sexual way. We’d like to explore all avenues. This is new to us and we want to make sure we do everything right. The last thing I want is to hurt Jonas.”

“So you want me to explain anal intercourse to you,” Tristan said slowly.

“Yes, that’s what I said.”

“Just like that? One date and you guys are rushing into sex? This is the media’s fault,” he muttered.

“I didn’t say that. We’re taking things slow, but we’d also like to be prepared when the time comes. I have every intention of making Jonas mine.”

Tristan finally smiled. It was about time his alpha found someone to love that way. Okay, so the topic of anal sex was the last thing he’d ever thought he’d be discussing with the man, but what the hell? If he helped the two of them become closer, he was all for it.

“Would you like a power point presentation?” Tristan winked.

Jackson arched a brow. “Are you going to draw a dick and an asshole?”

Tristan laughed loudly. “No. I will however walk you through from beginning to completion.”

“Who gets on top?”

“Well, that’s a good question. Since Scott and I are both alpha males, we switch. But we both like it, so it works out for us. It may be that Jonas doesn’t like anal and you do, or vice versa. Being the top doesn’t necessarily make you the man, and being the bottom doesn’t make you less of a man.”

“I don’t think who’s the man is an issue with us. We’re both strong-minded individuals.”

“So it worked.” Tristan grinned at his alpha.

“What did?”

“The set-up. Jude talked to Scott and me about it and we put our heads together. It was hard watching you two fight your mutual attraction. We could see you belonged together.”

“I’ve wanted Jonas since that day in the hospital. I just couldn’t push the issue with him. He needed to come to me.”

“And now he has. You look really happy.”

“I am. I haven’t felt like this in — I don’t know how long. And it isn’t just physical. I miss him already and I haven’t even been gone that long.”

“I get it.” Tristan nodded.

“I know you do. You almost lost Scott and I saw what it did to you. You let yourself bond to him, and it almost killed you as well.”

Tristan thought back to that time. A would-be killer injected Scott with rogue saliva and he had died, briefly. But it had been long enough. Tristan had wanted to go right with him. He couldn’t see his life without Scott and their son. He studied Jackson’s face.

“Are we talking marriage someday?”

Jackson sat forward in the chair with a grin. “You never know.”

Forbidden (Assassin/Shifter #21) Excerpt:

Jesse walked through the sand to the pier where Noah had indicated they would meet. As he got closer, he saw a blanket with candles on each corner. Noah stood in the sand wearing a smile and holding white roses. Jesse knew his face was heating; just seeing Noah made his pulse race.

“Hey.” He came to a stop right in front of Noah.

“Hi.” Noah leaned in and touched Jesse’s cheek before brushing their lips together softly. That electricity from their first kiss passed through him again and the candles flickered as a breeze floated around them. Noah pulled back slowly, searching Jesse’s eyes. “Was that okay?”

“More would be better,” Jesse grinned. He surveyed the blanket and candles. Champagne was on ice and a basket anchored one end of the blanket. “What’s all this?”

“I’m wooing you,” Noah smiled, indicating that Jesse should sit. Noah handed Jesse the flowers. “I hope you like white roses.”

“I actually do.” Jesse smiled at the roses. Noah seemed a bit nervous and Jesse laughed. “You know I’m going to put out. You have to know how much I want you.”

Noah cupped Jesse’s face in his hands. “I’ve never done this before. I want you to know how much I care.”

Jesse swallowed hard and met Noah’s eyes. “It’s really beautiful, Noah. Thank you so much.”

“Yeah? I did good?” Noah beamed.

Jesse opened the basket and grinned. “This is excellent. Where did you get the food?”

“I stopped by your favorite restaurant and got it to go.”

“They don’t do ‘to go’.” Jesse narrowed his eyes.

“They did for me.” Noah caressed Jesse’s cheek with the backs of his fingers. “You look so beautiful.”

Jesse ducked his head. “Thank you.”

Noah gently lifted Jesse’s face. “You look like your mother, don’t you?”

“What gave it away?”

“The eyes and hair. I know your father had the dark hair your brothers have.”

Jesse nodded. “Yes, and blue eyes. Justice and Jaxon got the combination, blue-green-gray and I got Mom’s green.”

“Well, I think you’re by far the pick of the litter. Heh.” Noah smiled and leaned in to kiss Jesse again. Their lips met and Noah almost groaned when Jesse parted his lips, allowing him in to taste. Jesse’s tongue moved tentatively at first, brushing Noah’s almost inquisitively, then became bolder, wrapping around Noah’s and dipping further into his mouth.

Hands went to his hair and Noah wrapped his arms around Jesse, pulling him in closer as they investigated each other’s mouths. This was their first real kiss and Noah intended to savor it. He lowered Jesse onto his back and threaded a hand through his thick blond hair. The kiss deepened, became more sensual and languid. Noah was hard as a rock and pulling air in through his nostrils at a rapid rate. They broke from the kiss and Noah righted himself. Jesse’s face was flushed with arousal. If anything, he looked even sexier than before.

“Wow,” Jesse breathed. “If I had any doubts before, now I don’t.”

“Me either,” Noah chuckled softly. “You’re an awesome kisser.”

“Our lips fit perfectly. You know there’s always that awkward part in the beginning where each of you is trying to figure the other’s moves? But not us.”

“No, not us.” Noah leaned in again and feathered a kiss across Jesse’s lips. He pulled back and smiled as he opened the basket. Jesse peered inside and removed one of the boxes. He opened it and gasped.

“This is salmon with garlic and rosemary.” He removed another box and opened it. “Garlic shrimp, calamari and roasted asparagus?”

Noah grinned. “Your favorites, right?”

Jesse put the box down on the blanket and leaned in to kiss Noah. “How did you know?”

“I am a special forces guy.”

“You asked Jaxon,” Jesse accused with a laugh.

“I asked Jaxon,” Noah admitted.

“Do you know what that means to me?” Jesse motioned to the blanket. “What all of this means? You took the time to ask my brother what I like, you arranged this little dinner on the beach — which by the way, the sun setting and the candles are perfect.”

Noah took Jesse’s hand. “I want you to know how much you mean to me. This isn’t just some fling for me, Jesse.” Noah eyed the boxes. “Although, to be practical we should eat before it gets cold.”

Jesse placed a kiss on Noah’s nose. “Let’s dig in.”

Dirty Ross (Assassin/Shifter #22) Excerpt: 

“Hello, Mount Everest. I’ve got my pickaxe and rope.” 

Ross couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him. Cole was back in top form. He turned slowly and eyed the man from head to toe. Jesus, Cole looked good enough to bang. His inner wolf was screaming mine, mine, MINE! 

Shit, he really needed to get laid, and soon. 

Ross reeled in his lupine side and relaxed against the bar, smiling. 

“Conditions are grave on the peak tonight, my friend.” 

“I’ve got my arctic tent, too.” Cole raised a brow. 

“What’ll ya have, Cole?” PJ asked. 

“The man in front of me.” Cole licked his lips, giving Ross Collins the once-over. 

“Now, Cole, I’ve told you I don’t do ménages.” PJ pointed a finger at him. 

Ross cracked up. “I’ll have a beer, PJ.” 

“That’s good, PJ, because I don’t share.” Cole leaned in to Ross’ face. “What’s mine, is mine.” 

Oh hell. Ross leaned back a little. Their eyes locked and his dick popped up and took notice. Cole oozed sexuality and alpha male. Hot damn. 


He glanced over his shoulder. “Huh?” 

“Your beer?” PJ grinned. 

Ross took it but before he could pull his wallet out, Cole paid for it. 

“This one’s on me, soldier.” Cole winked. 

Ross held up the beer. “This in no way gives you a pass into my pants, Ryker.” 

“Oh, I know.” Cole shivered. “I’m going to go stock up on cold-weather gear. Conditions are downright frosty tonight.” 

Ross cracked a smile. “Isn’t there some other guy you’d like to bend over tonight?” 

Cole leaned in until he was a hair’s breadth from Ross’ lips. “I don’t devote this much time and energy to something that comes easily, Ross. As I said, I’m getting ready for a long hike up a steep slope.” He stepped back and snagged his beer off the bar. “See you around, Collins.”

Sandrine (Sandy) was born in Inglewood, California. Raised by "Old School" French parents, she later moved to Tucson, AZ. It was there that writing became a hobby. Always told she had a great imagination, Sandy wrote short stories for her friends in High School. In college, she took more writing classes while working on her Criminal Justice degree, but it wasn't until a soap opera caught her eye that she got involved in male on male romances. On the advice of a friend, Sandy dipped her toes into the world of M/M Romance. Sandy takes the writing seriously and has had countless conversations with gay men as well as hours of research.She's been involved with the military in one way or another for over twenty years, and has a great deal of respect for our men in uniform. She's traveled the world, but is currently enjoying the South.

There is now an Assassin/Shifter website!! Many thanks to the talented Jenn Watts for all her hard work!

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