Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: A Life More Complete by Nikki Young

Can you ever really outrun your past?

Krissy Mullins, an overworked, obsessive-compulsive publicist has been giving it her best shot for the past ten years. Throwing herself into her work and devoting all her time to her teenage starlet client, Krissy finds little time for anything else. But as fate would have it, her world is turned upside down when she falls in love with laid-back California native, Ben Torres. Unfortunately, her only frame of reference on love and marriage is her parents and they weren’t exactly the poster children for a happy relationship.

As Krissy attempts to navigate the precarious world of love, acceptance, and compromise, her past comes flooding back like she never expected. An ex-boyfriend returns from a life she has tried to forget, stirring up feelings in Krissy she had thought were long gone. Pulled in opposite directions as her past and present collide, she makes a rash decision that will forever change her life.


WOW! What a great book! When I started it, there were some things that confused me (such as her relationship with Ben), but that was such a minor blip on the map of this book. The writing was very easy to read and flowed great. Nikki Young included just enough detail to give you a picture in your head, but not so many details that it is like word vomit. From the first page, your attention is captured and remains captured until the very last page. A great debut novel!

Normally I break down a book by its characters and how they portray the story, but I don’t feel like that will work for this story. There were so many elements with the characters in this one. The story revolves around Krissy and her life and what an interesting life that is!

When I started this story, I never expected many of the twists that it took! I wanted to laugh, cry, yell, and swoon at different parts of the story. It was interesting and captivating!

If you are looking for a story that is branching out from the norm, check this one out! The style of writing is smooth and easy to read as well as being interesting!

About the Author

Nikki Young was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago where she still currently lives with her husband and two boys. She is a third grade teacher and spends her days forcing her love of reading and writing onto a group of poor unsuspecting eight year olds.

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