Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt: My Unexpected Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

So back at the end of December, we all found this new author, Heidi McLaughlin, and her new book, Forever My Girl. Everyone I talked to fell in love with Liam & Josie. But not only that, we got to fall in love with Nick in My Everything in March.

Beyond Nick, Liam, & Josie, though there were some others that I fell in love with. Katelyn & Harrison quickly captured my attention. There was something about those two from the very first time that they met that drew me in. Then at the end of Forever My Girl, Heidi gave us a glimpse in what’s to come. Sure enough, we are getting Harrison & Katelyn’s story! AND I CANNOT WAIT.

(And I might have a slight obsession with Harrison that resulted in making a shirt that says, “Team Harrison”. Maybe if you all are really nice, I’ll show you a picture of me wearing it. Not sure about that yet…)


(this is from Katelyn’s POV) 
(Please note: This is unedited and subject to change)

“What do you need a wagon for?” I turn to find Harrison behind me. He gazes down at me. His eyes are soft and forgiving, showing no mention of our earlier conversation.
“Elle’s tired. I can’t carry her so I need something to put her in or her and I need to go back to the hotel.”
Harrison nods. He bends over and says something to Elle before he picks her up from behind and places her on his shoulder. Her face beams as she steadies herself.
“We won’t be needing the wagon,” he says to the clerk who shrugs. 
I stand there stone-faced as he walks out of the store, ducking when they get to the entrance, with my baby on his shoulders.
“Hey is that Harrison James?”
“No,” I say as I leave.
“Harrison?” he stops and faces me. His sunglasses are covering his eyes again and it makes me wonder if Elle did that for him. “You don’t have to carry her, she can walk.”
Harrison looks up at Elle while she looks down at him. They smile at each other as if they are sharing their own secrets. “Princess Elle, I’m your Henchman, what say you?”
I smile and laugh at the way Harrison is talking to her.
“Take me to my palace and I shall feed you for the night,” Elle says in her princess voice. Good lord he fell right into her game.
“We’re good, Queen Katelyn.” Harrison smiles as they walk off.

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  1. This sounds real sweet. Nice snippet. Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I loved Forever my girl read it in 5 days! Can't wait to read Harrison and Katelyn's story! Thanks for sharing!