Friday, July 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Nearly Broken by Devon Ashley


 "We’d both gone missing at one point, but Claire had one thing I didn’t. Someone to notice. So why was I the one still here and she the one still gone?

Nineteen year old Megan Smith has spent the past year working in a small town diner in the middle of nowhere. Life is quiet, simple, safe. Then comes the news that her look-a-like has gone missing.


Still damaged both physically and mentally, Megan's not looking to be noticed. Wherever she goes from here, it's a road she needs to take alone. But when Nickolas Ellis takes the job as the new night shift cook, it scares her how easily her defenses crumble down, down, down for him. But there are secrets she can't bear to share with just anyone, unspeakable acts that continue to haunt, and when the similarities of Claire’s abduction couples with the fear of an unwanted visitor in town, the urge to run before it all happens again intensifies, threatening the only happiness Megan's ever found."


Nearly Broken was much more than I ever anticipated it to be.  The story is so original and interesting while taking you on a roller coaster ride!  Megan Smith is living a simple life in a quiet little town trying to remain unnoticed.  That is until she falls for Nick, the new cook at her restaurant.
Nick is an amazing guy, I really couldn't find anything I didn't like about him.
  In a surprising turn of events, things are not at all what they seem.  I really didn't see it coming or expect it. Truths from every one's past come out and you get to piece it together just as Megan does.  For awhile all is right with the world, then this story takes a second twist!  It's chilling!  I felt that it was just the right combination of suspense, romance and thriller.
If you want to read something completely new and different then go buy this!  I look forward to seeing more from Devon Ashley! 
 xo, D
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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for the post!
    Devon.....Congratulations on this book's release!