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Blog Tour: Review, Fun Facts, & Giveaway: A Love Like This by Kahlen Aymes

Settled in New York City, Ryan and Julia Matthews seek to enjoy their idyllic newlywed life together. Julia’s high-profile job at Vogue and Ryan’s promising career in medicine will surely set them up for everything they could ever want. Their only obstacle seems to be finding enough time to spend together.

When a scuffle at Ryan’s hospital puts his life in danger, a colleague steps in to save him but is critically injured in the process. In a heroic and unwavering effort, Ryan manages to save her life, but her injuries irrevocably change her future forever.

What happens next will push Ryan beyond human endurance, when he is forced to decide how much he will pay for his new friendship and Julia, what she is willing to sacrifice in order to spare herself the unspeakable pain of watching someone else try to replace her in Ryan’s heart.

Join Ryan and Julia in the heart-wrenching conclusion to the unforgettable story of an incredible love, worth every single sacrifice…

For there is nothing more sacred than… A Love Like This…

Poor Julia & Ryan. They’ve really had a tough go of it and A Love Like This really doesn’t change that! Another story filled with a lot of drama and a lot to work through for this couple.

I really cannot imagine the pain this couple has endured throughout their relationship. They have proven before that they can overcome some insane obstacles, but the ones they face are not only insane, but there are realistic obstacles as well. Trying to decide whether to have a baby when one spouse works a lot is quite an obstacle. But, in true Ryan and Julia style, you are captivated and totally in tune with what they are going through.

Kahlen has such an elegant way of writing! Again, her writing is flawless and keeps your interest throughout the story! This story did not disappoint, that is for sure. It was interesting, made me fan myself a few times, and really captured my interest!

Fun Facts
Kahlen: Used to teach ballroom dancing.
Spent lots of time doing Community Theater including Grease, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and others.
Loves to Rollar Skate
Once jumped naked from a hot tub into a snow bank. (Boy, was that stupid!)

Fun Facts Julia:
Learned to cook because her mother and father divorced and her dad only made eggs and toast.
First drawing was at age 5 at her grandparent's house.  Drew an angle from the back of an old album cover but the image was too big for the note paper she was using.  So, she improvised by gluing more sheets together to continue the drawing beyond the original paper's edge.
Hates to fish but would never tell her father.
Got expelled from school for 4 hours because she broke a bully's glasses in defense of a friend.
Loves how Ryan's stubble feels against her skin, even if it leaves marks.

Fun Facts Ryan:
He, and a group of friends, taped a bunch of condom balloons all over the classroom door of high school math teacher; Mr. Weiner.   (Yes, you aren't imagining it.  Mr. Weiner.  I mean, seriously?  Who could resist?)
Was his music teacher's favorite student.
Almost made the mistake of his life when he came close to attending UCLA instead of Stanford.
Carried his brother, Aaron, three blocks home when he broke his ankle falling out of neighbor's tree.
Was always popular with the ladies.
Forbids Julia to buy any  brand of jeans other than Miss Me's since he loves seeing the M (for Matthews) branded on her rear. (She was wearing them when they met and he considers it a sign.)

About the Author
Kahlen is an award-winning author of sizzling hot, deeply moving contemporary romance. Her stories are filled with intense love, passion, angst and emotion that breathes life into her characters and leaves her readers captivated.   Her books have gone all the way to #2 on Amazon’s Top 100 in the Paid Store and she spent many weeks on Smashwords bestseller lists.

She lives near Omaha, Nebraska with her daughter, Olivia and their three dogs.  Kahlen has a BSBA in Marketing, Business Administration and MIS.  Creative by nature, she enjoys the arts, music and theater.... But the love of her life is writing!  She enjoys meeting and talking with her readers on a regular basis!

Represented by Elizabeth Winick-Rubinstein of McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency, the first two books in her series; The Remembrance Trilogy are available now, and the final installment, A Love Like This, publishes June 24, 2013!


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