Friday, April 19, 2013

REVIEW and Giveaway: Unbelievable (Port Fare #2) by Sherry Gammon

"Lilah Lopez Dreser's in town to take care of unfinished family business. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ... or does it? Is there more to this Dreser than meets the eye? Is Cole in mortal danger when this firestorm throws sparks his way? This time around it may be a Dreser causing an uproar in Port Fare. It just may be Cole's best friend Booker. But is he wrong? Usually not!"

Em and myself are huge fans of Sherry Gammon's book, Unbelievable (Port Fare #2) and waited so patiently for this one to come out! When we got the chance to be on this blog tour we were very excited.  I really enjoy Ms. Gammon's writing and her characters.  I felt like I was reconnecting with old friends when I started this book.  Overall I thought it wasn't as intense as Unlovable, but Cole is a very easy going guy, so I think the tone of this story really fits him.  I love this beautiful cover and think it fits Lilah and her story perfectly.  (Once you read this book you will make the connection.)  I will say that for our followers of Novel Seduction, Unbelievable is a bit different than our usual genre.  It's flirty, loving and pure and there is no sexy time in it at all, but the story itself makes up for that and I'm okay to step away from the scandalous for a little bit.  (DON'T WORRY, IT'S NOT PERMANENT ;) )

On to the characters, lets start with Cole.  Oh my boring Dr. Colten, I wasn't sure what to do with him, lol.  Even he calls himself boring over and over in the first half of the story.  For me, Cole was just that.  I know he's a hot doctor but his "Brain Gaming" and klutziness just didn't do it for me.  I'm glad the other guys were around to keep it spicy and hot!  The part of Cole that is attractive to me is his caring heart and open mind.  He was so sweet to Lilah even when most were not and stood up for her when it counted!  The changes Cole made were great and I was really impressed.  I don't want to give anything away, but be prepared to be shocked at our sweet doctor! I also loved the little surprise funny toward the end!  Again, you must read to find out!

I loved Lilah Dreser!  Her style, her spirit and her creativity were wonderful.  She was selfless and sweet compared to the monster of a family she came from.  Lilah brought so much life to Port Fare.  I loved how she and Maggie hit it off and feel that they are really good for one another.  I really enjoyed how in the end Lilah wanted to stick to her "plan" to a fault!  It was funny seeing how the rest of the crew were going to contain her.  Lilah is a strong, independent woman and I love her for that!

Seth and Maggie are so incredibly sweet and still in love.  It was great having them as such a constant in book 2.  I love how they care for their friends like family and would do anything for them.  Booker is such a character.  I feel like we saw a different side of him here.  I really think he might have a tendency to be a "bad boy".  For a second, toward the end of the book, I thought he was going there.  He kept everything funny and exciting and hope that book 3 is about him and what he's going to pursue in the future.

Overall this story had so much to offer, but most of all it was the sweet love between Cole and Lilah that stood out.  I was hoping for a little more action with the MET and the Dresers but this was about Cole and not really Seth or Booker.    I would highly recommend to start with Unlovable if you seem interested in this series.  It's truly a touching story and will set the scene for Unbelievable perfectly!  Here is the link to our review of that book HERE

Thanks to Sherry Gammon for including Novel Seduction on her blog tour and we can't wait to see what you are coming out with in the future!

xo, D

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