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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway: How Many Chances by Beverley Hollowed

How Many Chances….. Part 2 in the Chances Series
Having fallen head over heels in love with the handsome and very charming Cole Thomas, Ally Brody had her heart broken and her world torn apart.
She feels lost, but is determined to move on and start her life a fresh.
However, Cole still fills her every thought and she is finding it harder and harder to stick to her rule of no second chances.
Cole is left a broken shell. He can’t think of anything but Ally and showing her just what she truly means to him.
Can Cole prove to Ally that she is meant to be with him?
Can Ally ever learn to trust Cole again?
Can they start over and find happiness or will life keep throwing hurdles in their way….. How Many Chance does true love get?

How Many Chances is the second book in Beverley Hollowed’s “Chances” series.
After the cliffhanger in No Second Chances I was really looking forward to this book.
Beverley does an awesome job delivering the story and takes you along the rollercoaster with Cole and Ally. You actually feel the emotions right along with them instead of being an outsider to their pain and joy.  The sex scenes were great which is always an added bonus. I love Cole Thomas and had a hard time putting this book down. If you liked No Second Chances you need to get No More Chances!
About the Author
I am Beverley, though my friends call me Bev, I am 38 years old and I live in Dublin with my Husband and 2 sons. I love to read and I love music.
I has been writing as long as I can remember.
I released my first book in December 2012 called Forever and Always.
My second book, No Second Chances (the first book from The Chances Series) was released April 29th....part 2 is How Many Chance will be released August 30th.
My third Book A stolen Heart was released July 12th
My New book, A Stolen Heart will be released July 12th.
Some random fact about me.... I am a middle child, I have a fear of Mirrors, spiders and birds and I make custom Jewellery.
I adore music and it is a big part of my writing.
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