Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blog Tour: Between Faith and Fear by J.A. Dennam



 Melanie Parker's life takes a gut-wrenching turn when she wakes up in a crumbling, unfamiliar environment. Even worse, her small child is in the arms of a certifiable killer, but Rena Hellberg isn't the only immediate threat. Melanie's abductor lurks in the shadows, a quiet, hooded stranger who's calling the shots. When she refuses to play the meek hostage, he reveals his darkest secrets in order to gain her cooperation.

Though he can barely trust himself, he can't deny his feelings for a woman he should have left alone. It wasn't his intention to bring her into a world he's trying to break free of, but he refuses to let it destroy her. The formidable legion of enforcers who took him and made him one of their own won't tolerate rebellion of any kind. But they've never dealt with such a stubborn recruit...or one with so much to live for.



Between Faith and Fear is book 2 of J.A. Dennam's Captive Series. This story takes Melanie Parker on a literal roller coaster ride! The action started right away and never ended. Melanie and her son DJ were on their way out for the day when her car is hijacked and she blacks out. I was really nervous for her because her son was with her when this happened! Being held captive is frightening enough, but to have your small child with you...OMG! 

J.A. Dennam's writing is full of descriptors that set the scene and make you 'watch' it like a movie! The early scenes with her captor had me guessing who he might be. If you read book 1, you will be shocked! There are twists and turns galore here and not knowing truth from lies kept me guessing and stuck to my Kindle. The ending is great and there is no cliffhanger, which I know a lot of readers appreciate!

If you love suspense, romance and twisted, intricate plots, than this series is for you! 

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  1. Sounds gripping! Great review, and best of luck with the blog tour.

  2. Sounds fascinating. Good luck and great sales.

  3. This is a great synopsis. I'm still reading the first in the series, whish is great. I look forward to reading book two. Well done J.A.