Monday, January 14, 2013

REVIEW: Jules the Bounty Hunter by Krista Ashe

"High-speed car chases, hiding out in overgrown bushes, nabbing the bad guy—all in a days work for Julianne aka Jules St. James. Sure growing up with a bounty hunter for a father was a little unorthodox, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, how many sixteen-year-old girls can take a man down with her bare hands, fire an assault rifle, or become a chameleon by using fake identities to nab bail jumpers? On her father’s Texas ranch, she’s just one of the guys with her older, twin brothers, Remington and Colt.
So when Jules’s father insists she spend the summer with her absentee mother—a former Savannah debutant and current member of high society, she is more than a little pissed off. Jules has had little use for her mother since she blew out of town six years ago to trade garden parties and black tie affairs for being a bounty hunter’s wife. A summer in Savannah with Mommie Dearest means having refinement and culture shoved down her throat while styling the latest haute couture fashion.
But Jules’s father has another reason behind sending her to Savannah. The society family of Emmett Marshall, a white-collar bail jumper resides there. The mission is for Jules to get close to Marshall’s teenage son, Jackson, thus trying to unravel any clues about his father’s whereabouts. Locating Marshall could mean a hefty payoff —enough for Jules’s freshman year of college.
Since she's better at taking down a guy than hooking up with one, Jules feels like she's in over her head. Enter Wyatt Deluca. Working for Jules’s bounty hunting cousin, Wyatt's suave services are enlisted to help her reel Jackson in. The tattooed, motorcycle riding bad boy is a 180 from sweet, cultured Jackson, but the more that Jules hangs around with Wyatt, the more confused she is about her true feelings and her ability to do her job."

I got the awesome privilege of getting a copy of this earlier in the week and I'm so glad that I did! It's YA and definitely different than what I normally gravitate towards. It was new and it was refreshing. We all have those "coming of age" moments and this was Jules' book about her moment.

From the beginning there was mystery and a hint of romance. You quickly fall in love with Jules & her family. Her older brothers, Colt & Remy (twins) are absolutely hilarious and definitely protective. Her Dad is a big ol' teddy bear. Big Mama (and who doesn't love a grandmother called Big Mama??) & Grandaddy were sweet and caring. It's a family you fall in love with and find yourself wanting to be around. I loved their conversations and how they interacted with each other.

Initially I wanted to hate her mom. I really did. I mean, who just walks out on her family the way she did? Who forces her daughter in to this Debutante lifestyle? I couldn't relate to her at all. At first when there would be glimpses in to her mom that made you soften towards her a bit, she'd then go and do something absolutely ridiculous and you'd be pissed at her again. By the end, I was beginning to come around and enjoy her. I understood her more and that really helped.

I loved that the mystery was the forefront of the story. Watching Jules embark on the twists and turns of solving they mystery was definitely interesting! The Marshall case wasn't easy, but Jules did what she needed to do. Along the way, it was interesting to see her grow up a bit and start to really weigh her options and examine how she did this business. It was nice to see her really start to evaluate things. Her sassiness and sense of humor was a lot of fun and kept things interesting, for sure.

Wyatt and Jules' story was sweet, funny, and charming. Their banter was hysterical! Wyatt made me laugh when he would tell Jules what to wear and why. I loved their bickering! And watching them fall in love was so sweet.

So, if you're looking for something sweet, flirty, and a bit different than what we are typically reading - check this one out! It is definitely worth the read!


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