Monday, January 14, 2013

REVIEW: Overwhelm Me by A.C. Marchman

"Allie Marshall has dealt with a traumatic past that she desperately wants to keep buried. She moved to Atlanta to escape her old life and pursue her dream of becoming a Physician Assistant. With the help of her roommate, Livey, she has finally gotten her life back on track and will be graduating Emory University with honors. Then, she meets Donovan Callahan, a sexy and wealthy doctor who Allie cannot resist. Their relationship starts off intense and full of passion. Donovan wants to give Allie the world. But she learns he was involved with Claire Dubois, a reality star convicted of murdering her husband. Will she stick by his side when all of the baggage comes to the surface or will she be overwhelmed and turn her back on him?"

Overwhelm Me is a first novel for author A.C. Marchman, it was a good read overall.  The instant love connection happened a bit too easily for me. So that was a tad unrealistic.  However, the sex scenes were hot and steamy and very well done! (one of my top criteria for a romance novel ;))  I felt a good connection with the characters as well.  Donovan is like a dream guy, I'm still waiting for him to have some flaws (other than the ones revealed).  I was surprised with Allie's secret. I honestly thought it was going to be worse than what it was.  I just wish there was more build up overall, with their relationship and with their pasts.  I'm looking forward to reading the second book!
xo, D

Fabulous debut novel! I will say that I had a ton of thoughts going through my head at the end of this novel. First and foremost, I couldn't believe that everything that took place in the book happened in under 2 weeks. There was a lot that happened in a very short amount of time. Another thought that was WOW. Very well written sex scenes! They were hot, steamy, and just the write length (sometimes I find that sex scenes are either super rushed or really drag on, NOT the case here at all!) And on that last page, I was truly thrown and can't wait for the next one!

I really enjoyed the twists the novel took throughout the book. There were absolutely a lot of surprises throughout that really caught me off guard in a great way. Allie's secret is not at all what I was expecting! There were parts of Donovan's secret that I definitely found shocking as well. Like D mentioned, Donovan seems like the perfect guy and I'm wondering if he has flaws. Allie is sweet and naive, but overall likable!

I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the next one to come out! Write on, AC Marchman! You did a great job on your debut novel!

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